Here's some of how we celebrated in 2017

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Concert and family festival

Melbourne Day concert

Rocking Melbourne 182: Absolutely '80s headliners Brian Mannix (Uncanny X-Men), Ally Fowler (The Chantoozies) and Scott Carne (Kids in the Kitchen)

Peta Evans-Taylor Melbourne Day concert

It's Our Day: Performer Peta Evans-Taylor was a crowd favorite on stage.

Vicky the Truck Melbourne Day concert and family festival

Family festival: Roving performers, face painting and Vicky the Truck kept kids of all ages entertained.

Melbourne Day concert

What rain? The weather cleared and the Enterprize lowered her gangplank for free tours (top left), cupcakes stole the show, the crowd sang "Happy Birthday, Melbourne" (bottom left) and pets pleaded: "C'mon, gimme a cupcake, woof!"   

Melbourne Day concert

We rocked, Melbourne: Brian Mannix in full flight, Junior Lord Mayor Sienna Koop, Stan Dryden Jnr with indigenous art, the Enterprize Re-enactment Crew. 

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Flag-raising ceremony

Melbourne Day flag-raising ceremony at Enterprize Park

'This is a time to celebrate the Melbourne we have become'

We raised the Melbourne flag, quickened pulses and filled hearts with pride at Enterprize Park on 30 August.

"All around us, spanning centuries, history shaped the city that was given the name Melbourne," said     Acting Lord Mayor Arron Wood.

"Melbourne Day is a time to reflect - on our Aboriginal history and on the years after 1835. This is a time to celebrate the Melbourne we have become," Cr Wood said.

The 2017 Junior Lord Mayor, Sienna Koop, from Aspendale’s St Louis de Montfort’s School, called for better transport links to Tullamarine airport.

Neil Mitchell broadcast live his 3AW program from the banks of the Yarra River.

Acclaimed Aboriginal artist Stan "Yarramunua" Dryden held a Welcome to Country and called for all Melburnians to be proud of their city and not to change historical monuments amid a national debate on the issue.

The big band sound of much-loved Victoria Police Pipe Band shook the pylons of the wharf at Enterprize Park.

Melbourne's "first settlers",  the Enterprize re-enactment crew in period costume - including Gilbert, the Tassie tabby, our city's first cat - stole the show.

Our roving town crier was in full voice.

Enterprize Park, on the north bank of the Yarra River at the bottom of William St, is where the first Europeans landed on 30 August 1835 to start the first permanent settlement of Melbourne.

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We helped those sleeping rough

Mighty Melbourne Burger Melbourne Day offer

Grill'd logoIf you bought a Mighty Melbourne burger on Melbourne Day, Grill'd donated one to those sleeping rough in our community. One for one, on Melbourne Day.

Grill’d partnered with Melbourne City Mission, the Salvos and St Vincent de Paul to ‘pay it forward’.

Every Mighty Melbourne Burger sold was paid forward and Grill’d will close the doors of its Southern Cross Station restaurant, inviting those sleeping rough to come in for dinner.

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Lord Mayor's Melbourne Day Oration

Melbourne Business Network logo

Melbourne Business Network held a Cocktail Soirée where the Melbourne Day Oration was delivered by Lord Mayor Robert Doyle on the topic of "Doing business in the World's Most Livable City".

Where: The Trust, 405 Flinders Lane, city (rear of Immigration Museum and adjacent to the old historic Port Building in Flinders Lane).
When: Thursday, 7 September 2017

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Free Flagstaff Gardens tours

Early sketch of Melbourne's historic Flagstaff Hill atop today's Flagstaff Gardens

You could hear about things that go bump in the bushes

Royal Historical Society of Victoria logoYou could have heard spoooooky stories about the gardens' past as a cemetery, its role as a   signalling station and more on free guided tours by Royal Historical Society of Victoria experts. If you dared!

You would have climbed Flagstaff Hill to learn its place in Melbourne’s topography and pre-European history and its fascinating role as a magnetic and meteorological observatory.

It is an absolute "must do" walk for understanding the history and character of the city.    

Missed it? No problem, the society holds regular tours. Get in touch for the next one.

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Melbourne Day public lecture, plus book launch

The Making of ‘Marvellous Melbourne’ 1835-1890 and the Making of Remembering Melbourne 2015-2016

Royal Historical Society of Victoria logoRoyal Historical Society of Victoria's annual Melbourne Day lecture, delivered by Emeritus Professor Richard Broome, traced the development of Melbourne from an Aboriginal place to the colonial hub, in succession, of a sheep walk, a golden field of wealth, and an urbane modern metropolis.

It focused, in particular, on the latter European phase, asking why and how did Melbourne grow so ‘marvellous’. It covered the despair the city fell into during the 1890s.
The lecture also explained how the RHSV created, devised and produced the best-selling book Remembering Melbourne, which completely sold out and was re-launched on 30 August.

If ‘Marvellous Melbourne’ was the product of a particularly rampant individualism based very much on money-making through property, the creation of Remembering Melbourne was the outcome of a rampant communalism and the spirit of volunteering. If avarice created a city, altruism has recorded it.

Prof. Broome taught Indigenous and Australian history at La Trobe University for more than 30 years. He is a RHSV councillor and patron of the History Teachers’ Association of Victoria. Richard is the author of dozens of articles and 12 books including Aboriginal Australians. A History since 1788 (2010) in four editions and the award-winning Aboriginal Victorians. A History since 1800 (2005). He has edited (with others), Remembering Melbourne 1850-1960 (2016), and the journals Australian Historical Studies and the Victorian Historical Journal. His latest book is with Visier Sanyü, Naga Odyssey (September 2017). His next book (with three others) is Mallee Country. Land, People, History (forthcoming).

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Exhibition: Standing on the Corner

A Melbourne street corner, part of the exhibition "Standing on the Corner"

Royal Historical Society of Victoria logoRoyal Historical Society of Victoria's Standing on the Corner exhibition shows how Melbourne’s street corners have been used for more than 110 years.

We taken them for granted but before the internet, they often were the "village square", reflecting the soul of their local community.

This exhibition captures the city's corners as they were, with supporting maps of the city from 1850 to 1960.

When: Open daily until 20 December, 2017.
Times: 10am to 4pm Monday to Thursday and Saturday, 10am to 3pm Friday.
Venue: Royal Historical Society of Victoria, 239 A’Beckett Street, Melbourne.
Enquiries: or phone 9326 9288.

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SHE Talks: "My Big Idea"

She Talks: Big Idea 

'Celebrating Women's Bright Minds'

Special event on Melbourne Day

In a TED-style talk, eight women shared their BIG IDEA that entertained, stimulated, even shocked and most definitely provided a spark to take home!

SHE Talks is helping shape Melbourne through events that bring diverse individuals together, through the sharing of conversations, ideas and working on projects as a team.

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Melbourne Day give-aways and prizes

Radio 3AW logoRadio GOLD104FM

Media partners radio 3AW and GOLD104 FM had lots of great give-aways in the run up to Melbourne Day.

Prizes included an illy Australia coffee machines, AFL Elimination Final tickets, thanks to The Ticket Merchant, and a table to next year's Channel 9 AFL Footy Show!

Life begins at 183! Get Melbourne Day news straight to your inbox. 


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How we celebrated in 2017

Concert and family festival

Flag-raising ceremony: Melbourne Day, 30 August

Mighty Melbourne burger deal

Lord Mayor's Melbourne Day Oration and cocktail party

Free tours of historic Flagstaff Gardens

Lecture (and book launch): The Making of Marvellous Melbourne

Exhibition: Standing on the Corner

SHE Talks event: "My Big Idea"

Give-aways and prizes

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