Celebrate all that's great

Lve Melbourne

Team up, Melbourne – 188 years of marvellous

Your energy, heart and soul that made us one of the world's most liveable cities - an envy of the world - is unstoppable.

Cheer Melbourne and celebrate all that    makes our city special. Celebrate the Melbourne you love, like never before.

Stand for Melbourne and keep Melbourne marvellous.

Don't stop until we get back our No 1 World's Most Liveable City trophy.

Melbourne Day 2024

A Melbourne Day cupcake with one candle.

The birthday party of the year

Join the celebrations on Melbourne Day, 30 August 2024, to cheer your city and help hoist the Melbourne and Aboriginal flags atop the 20m flagpole at Enterprize Park.

Melbourne Day public festivities, including popular Ferguson Plarre birthday cupcakes, return on 30 August 2024 – and at an upgraded Enterprize Park!

Cheer Melbourne's birthday   and celebrate all that's great.

Reignite Melbourne – and keep Melbourne marvellous

Melburnians are being urged to kick negativity and help turbo-charge Victoria.

Calls were made at a Melbourne Day cocktail party to harness the energy, heart and soul that made us one of the world's most liveable cities to reclaim our city's No 1 title.

"Melbourne is bouncing back to be stronger, better and more marvellous than ever," Melbourne Day chairman Campbell Walker says.

"We can reclaim our No 1 World's Most Liveable title by pulling together and tapping into what made us marvellous in the first place – our unbreakable community spirit, belief in Melbourne and unstoppable entrepreneurial can-do."

Marvellous like never before

John Deeks master of ceremonies at the Melbourne Day launch party at Block Arcade

Master of ceremonies: John Deeks at the Block Arcade cocktail party

Held at the historic Block Arcade, glistening anew after seizing the COVID lockdowns to complete a top-down renovation, the 16 March 2022 event outlined how to get back Melbourne's sparkle and it's No 1 city prize.

Committee member John Panteli says: "It's fantastic to feel Melbourne alive again. It's been so long since we were able to all come together as Melburnians. Work to reclaim our No 1 city title begins now."

After COVID restrictions, Melbourne Day program of events is set to return bigger and better in 2024, including:

Team up, Melbourne –  bring on comeback city

A Melbourne you love, like never before.

How we celebrated in COVID lockdowns – on the couch at home


Celebrating Melbourne Day

Melbourne Day flag-raising ceremony 2019

Melbourne's birthday celebrations 2019:   (top L to R) Melbourne Day chairman Campbell Walker, City of Melbourne councillors Beverley Pinder and Susan Riley, Junior Lord Mayor 2019 Sophie Peters and Boon Wurrung Foundation director Dave Johnston raise the flag at Enterprize Park. Master-blasters Victoria Police Pipe Band, left, and Junior Lord Mayor 2019 Sophie Peters and Melbourne Day deputy chair Sue Stanley with the Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses cake made specially for the city's 184th celebrations. Photo: Danny D'Mello


Enterprize Park, on the north bank of the Yarra River at the bottom of William St, is where the first Europeans landed on 30 August 1835 to start the first permanent settlement of Melbourne.

Celebrating Melbourne together

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