Smartphone surprise

Make our cupcake come alive thanks to the free Cakes Alive!™ app from sponsor Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses.

1. Download the Cakes Alive!™ smartphone app from the iTunes app store or Google Play store.

2. Open the app and point your phone or tablet at the cupcake.

3. Watch as your screen bursts with a party animation.

4. Take a photo, tag with #MelbourneDay and share with friends and family, or post on Twitter or Instagram.

Take it with you

Use the app to make our Melbourne Day posters come alive.

Download our cupcake poster (PDF)

Download our selfie poster (PDF)

How it works: Cakes Alive!™ uses cutting-edge augmented reality technology to make the cupcake and Ferguson Plarre birthday cakes literally come alive. It’s the most unreal thing to happen to cakes since the candle was invented. Please note: Some Android devices are known to have technological issues and the animation might not work fully. We encourage you to test your device on our cupcake. A device checklist and more help information is available on the Ferguson Plarre website.

See it in action

Open the app and see our cupcake come alive! It works on every Melbourne Day cupcake image online and print. Try it on out cupcake or the test image below. For best results, download one of the images and then try. It's worth it!

Melbourne Day magic cupcake


Cakes Alive demo test your smartphone image

Selfie poster download (PDF)

Melbourne Day Selfie Poster